Civil Engineering Career Guide

New Civil Engineer Careers has worked with leading industry bodies and Civil Engineering experts to produce this detailed and practical guide for your Civil Engineering career.


How To Become a Civil Engineer

This section is particularly useful for school and college students who are considering training to be a Civil Engineer in the future.

University or Apprenticeship – What's the best path for you to become a Civil Engineer?  Find out what to expect, the key differences between the different routes, and how to start your journey in to Civil Engineering.  Read more.

Access to Funding – What funding is available for Civil Engineering students?  Find out more and explore the different options.  Read more.

Choosing the right University – Which of the UK's universities offering Civil Engineering is right for you?  Get some guidance and top tips for making your decision.  Read more.


Studying Civil Engineering

This section is particularly useful for current Civil Engineering students.

Surviving Your First Year – Avoid the common pitfalls and get tips from recent Graduates to help you sail through your first year as a Civil Engineer!  Read more.

Specialisms – Which of the many specialisms within Civil Engineering are right for you?  Find out more about specialisms, and get great advice on how to make your decision.  Read more.


Career Development

This section is particularly useful for Civil Engineers who are soon to graduate or have recently graduated.

Chartered Engineer vs. Incorporated – Which of the two routes is right for you?  What are the challenges and benefits of each, and how should you make your decision?  Read more.