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Engineering Specialist - Rail - UAE

Our client is looking for a highly experienced Engineering Specialist with extensive experience on railway projects to join their team and be based in the UAE. The candidate placed in this position will Support the management and coordination of Engineering & Systems related packages, by supervising and monitoring the implementation and delivery of all the various packages and ensuring integration, in accordance with approved plans, timeframes and our client’s organizational objectives in coordination with operations.



  • Assist in the management and coordination of our clients engineering activities pertinent to

the agreed upon scope of work for the various packages and ensure integration and

consistency across the board in order to more effectively meet our clients organizational


  •  Participate in the tendering process by playing an active role in reviewing enclosed technical

documentation and contributing in the technical evaluation of bidders, in order to recommend

the best suited bidder to be awarded the contract, in accordance with our client’s scope of


  •  Participate in finalizing “End User Requirements” through carrying out various discussions with

key stakeholder to enable the formation of an adequate conceptual design, in line with our client’s expectations and aspirations

  • Assist in the management and supervision of the PMC staff in addressing and resolving any

arising matters related to the technical design to minimize its likelihood of affecting the

construction and impeding the delivery of the railway network in a timely manner

  • Provide direction on defining civil works standards, and technical assurance policies, ensure

the development of an integrated design for the civil/structural and systems that would

produce a fully functional network

  • Provide support in the supervision of the integration of all our clients civil packages by

managing the design interface, overseeing the engineering activities of each package and

assimilating the outputs and providing effective guidance and support, in line with established

standards and protocols

  • Assist the Delivery and Project manager with matters pertinent to the review of field change

requests, design change requests and project change requests etc. to ensure adequate

project governance is maintained throughout the project cycle, in line with project

management principles, methodologies and tools

  • Monitor the supervision, quality control, testing and commissioning of the project
  •  Review the design, oversight and the technical construction support in areas concerning

railway civil disciplines associated with the design and construction of the railway network to

ensure safety and risk measures are managed correctly

  • Ensure the implementation of all project related technical surveys, which include but are not

limited to topographical surveys, geotechnical investigations in addition to environmental

impact assessments (EIA), to assess the conditions in which the design interface is being

implemented and to ensure engineering activities are compliant to environmental principles

and practices


  • Strong knowledge of rail construction and systems
  • Minimum 12 years’ experience
  • Experience on heavy rail is preferable
  • Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or relevant subject

Up to AED 45k plus flights and medical

Engineering Specialist - Rail - UAE

United Arab Emirates

Published on 7 Jul 2019