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Geotech Engineering Jobs New Zealand

Join us in New Zealand as a Geotech Engineer and create acts of good for communities, your lifestyle and your career.

Our Geotechnical team works across geotechnical engineering, engineering geology and hydrogeology. As a national team of over 130 people, we are excited about the opportunities ahead of us and are well-placed to help Aotearoa advance and protect our world for future generations. Together we make things happen on projects throughout Aotearoa, Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia. We all go to work to make every day better in some way. We know that our work is more than foundations, ground and water, it's about developing sustainable solutions that support our communities and a healthy environment as well as continuous improvement — by doing things better every day, we make the everyday better. 

We are looking for Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Hydrogeologists, and Laboratory Technicians at all levels to be part of our motivated and trusted team across Aotearoa, dedicated to developing and sharing technical innovation to push boundaries and continually challenge and overcome conventions and constraints to make the everyday better. 


We are looking for people who are driven by a diversity of experiences, who see their careers as being fluid and who seek fulfilment in autonomy, career flexibility and in working for a business that can provide purpose and relevance in what they do.

As our team grows, we are looking for people to join the culture that holds us all accountable for prioritising enjoyment at work, working together, and enabling each other’s growth and success. We would like to hear from you if you are:

Proactive & Self Motivated - We want you to drive your direction, under your own steam and rise to the challenge. 

Love to learn - You love to learn and share knowledge and can bring a fresh perspective to ensure the development of the people around you. You constantly seek better practice for the overall quality of work and client experience.

Network Builders – You enjoy working with and influencing a wide group of people across all levels of organisations. You are someone who embraces challenges, promotes innovation and leads with a mindset of continual growth and improvement. 

Versatile - You want flexibility in your career - moving to where you are needed most and where you'll get the most out of us. You don't always want to keep growing in the same plane, you want to branch out. 

Future Focused -One thing is certain, uncertainty. We know that not everybody wants to work in the same company for their entire career and understand how important it is to gain experience in different environments and, for some people, in other parts of the world. The choice is yours, and we are open to a conversation about what works for you.

Our Geotechnical Team 

Developing and implementing solutions to complex problems, our team is helping shape the world we live in across the Asia Pacific region – from highways to airports, from buildings and reservoirs to bridges and tunnels. Together we are transforming our world. We are passionate about what we do and the culture we have developed. The more diverse we are, the better our ideas, strategies and client solutions will be and the more we will better represent our world. We know that we are stronger when people from different backgrounds and perspectives work together. We are committed to growing an environment where our people have equal opportunity to build a career that reflects their ability and passions and believe in their potential, feel they belong and can be their best selves. 

We are proudly employee-owned and after a century of operation, employee ownership remains key to our future. It underpins our positive, purpose-driven and growth-oriented culture; it sets us apart in our markets and gives meaning to our social contract. We are accountable, we have each other's backs, we don’t let each other down, and we strive for excellence in everything we do.

We recognise that one of the challenges people can face in building their careers is managing work and home life. We will encourage you to find an arrangement that works for you, whether that involves part-time, working from home or flexible working arrangements. We are open to discussing how this could work for you for roles across our Geotechnical team.

Want to find out more? 

To find out more about our Geotechnical team and the opportunities we have, express your interest by applying here or discover more about our people, projects and teams on our website.


Geotech Engineering Jobs New Zealand

4306410, Hillcrest, Hamilton 3216, 3216

Published on 19 Sep 2023

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