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Why Fugro?

If you want to really use your technical and commercial skills and develop your potential across the broadest range of applications then you should consider a career at Fugro. Working across the world we provide clients with the insight and advice they need to design, build and operate infrastructure safely, efficiently and on time.

If you want to be in the first boots on the ground at the biggest and most exciting construction projects, making sense of complex datasets using sophisticated modelling tools or building commercial relationships with senior project teams then you should consider a career at Fugro.

If you are fascinated by the challenges of investigating, measuring or mapping the ground or in providing the specialist management support then we have opportunities in the field, in the laboratory and in the office. With significant growth and a strong order book you can rest assured that there will be scope to take your career into new technical or geographic areas.

We take pride in our rich history of innovation and our significant contributions to the energy, transportation and resources sectors.  Right now, we are playing a key role in the UK’s most significant projects - high speed rail, airport expansion, bridges, tunnels, mines, nuclear power and offshore wind to name a few. If you want to kick-off or re-energise your career on these projects then you really should consider a career at Fugro.

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