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Best Universities for Engineering: Inform Your Graduate Recruitment Strategy

Written on 10/23/12

Best Universities for Engineering: Inform Your Graduate Recruitment Strategy

The ten best universities for engineering in the world are listed below, along with the ten best universities for civil engineering in the UK. With the broad range of engineering degrees on offer, course selection will be your primary consideration but once you have a shortlist it is worth considering the relative reputations of different universities.

Of course, your career in engineering will be shaped by the hard work you put into your degree studies, but the prestige of a certain institution and the quality of teaching you receive may well help in your quest for work placements and ultimately your first engineering job.    

Top Ten Universities in the World: Engineering & Technology (2013)

1 California Institute of Technology  (United States)   

2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (United States)         

3 Princeton University (United States)  

4 University of California Berkeley (United States)    

5 Stanford University (United States)

6 University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)      

7 University of Oxford (United Kingdom)

8 University of California Los Angeles (United States)  

9 ETH Zürich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (Switzerland)    

10 Imperial College London (United Kingdom)


Data: Times Higher Education World University Rankings (2011-12)

The world rankings are dominated by the USA, though the UK scores highly with three of the top 10.

Cambridge University offers undergraduate degrees in: Engineering, Chemical Engineering & Manufacturing Engineering.

Oxford University offers undergraduate degrees in: Engineering & Engineering, Economics & Management.

Imperial College London has a wide range of engineering degrees including: Aeronautical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering,  & Mechanical Engineering.

Top Ten Universities in the UK: Civil Engineering (2013)

1       Cambridge   

2       Imperial College London       

3       Bristol

4       Sheffield  

5       Southampton   

6       Cardiff

7       Bath

8       Loughborough

9       Surrey

10     Newcastle


Data: The Complete University Guide, 2012

For full details of engineering degrees at these universities, visit UCAS - the University Careers Service.

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