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Across the UK, engineering firms have been working with the NHS to deliver Nightingale Hospitals to tackle the coronavirus.
Construction firms with access to 3D printers are being urged to get involved in an initiative to print PPE for NHS staff.
This short briefing has been prepared on behalf of the UK construction sector to brief companies and individuals on the ongoing repercussions of the Covid-19 crisis for our sector.
The first step to walking the career path is often determined by how you get on it.
Be flexible. Be open to opportunities as they arise. And take calculated risks.
Following months of stress, tears and finally celebration as you reach the end of your journey in education, graduation can be equally thrilling as it is terrifying.
Engineers are engineers because of the love of the job. Very few groups of professionals pride themselves on their work as much as engineers do.
In June 2017, New Civil Engineer warned of a ‘Robot takeover’ on the frontpage of its magazine. More than two years later and the robots are yet to wipe us out.
Highways England has reported a worsening gender pay gap by 11% according to initial official figures filed ahead of this year’s reporting deadline.
Lots of consultancies talk about having a diversely skilled workforce, but Nichols is proof that successful project managers come from all disciplines.